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Install a Quality Alarm System!
If you're living in a larger city, a security system is practically a must. Any sign of forcible entry will set the car off with that annoying noise - which will scare away any would-be thief. Almost equally as important, that signature blinking light of an alarm often prevents the bad guys from attempting the break in at all!
Make sure You have Multiple Spare Keys
"More than a security issue, making sure you have spare keys for your vehicle is just common sense. That doesn't stop thousands of people each year from needing their entire ignitions replaced due to missing keys. Also a good idea - get copies of your key made as soon as you get your new car - and leave the original at home. The accuracy of a key's grooves are diminished with each copy made. So instead of making repeated copies off more copies - each time you need a copy, you can make it from the original.