Helpful Tips
Business Tips

Start with High Security Locks
Your business is the source of your livelihood. Make sure you have it protected with good quality, high security locks. These locks require the use of a plastic, credit card like key. The best part? These keys cannot be reproduced without a visit to the issuing locksmith, and a valid ID.
Put a Backdoor Bar on before You Close for the Night.
For smaller business with standard doors and key locks, high security locks might not be option. But you don't have a choice when it comes to making sure all entrances are protected from thieves. A backdoor bar is a forked pole that jams up under the handle of the door and rests on the floor. No burglar will be able to get through a door with a back door bar securing it from the inside. One tip: Make sure the bar is not on the door during hours of operation. It's a fire hazard. Have the last person to lock up place the bars on all the doors before they close for the night.
Secure Your Documents.
Some of the most valuable business possessions - and potentially harmful, if missing, are your documents and files. Make sure all file cabinets have adequate locks on them. And that desk drawers and file cabinets are locked for the night. Can't find the key? Almost every lock has a code right on front that a local locksmith can replicate the key for you. Or, replacement locks might be a better choice!