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Make Sure You Have Deadbolts!
Don't take any chances when it comes to your family. If you're lucky enough to be able to afford high security locks, then you're ahead of the game. Most families need a more affordable, yet equally as protective means to keep unwanted visitors out. In these cases, dead bolts are a must.

Make sure you have 1 inch deadbolts on every door in your home. This means, the long metal piece that protrudes from the lock into your door frame should be at least, (if not more) than 1 inch.
Also make sure you have extra long screws holding your strike plate in place. The longer the screws, the more secure the plate that attaches to your door, and the less likely someone will be able to kick in the lock.
Now Use the Deadbolts!
What's the point of having these locks if you don't use them? Its seems like a silly question, yet many families still don't lock the deadbolts when they go out. Make sure everyone in the family has a key to the door lock AND the deadbolt, and keep it locked every time you leave the house. Not only will this develop good habits for everyone, but you're also not ever taking any chances!
Choose a Peephole Instead of a Door Chain
You're more secure being able to see who is at your door while remaining behind a completely locked door, than opening your door to look through the crack secured by a chain. Here is another hint: Make sure you're peephole has a 190 degree field of view instead of the standard 180. This will allow you to see anyone crouching down or standing off to the side.
Put Screws in Your Sliding Glass Door Track
By drilling screws to slide in your door track, the door cannot be lifted out of place. Many home burglars are able to enter your house easily by lifting the door right out of place to take it off track.
Using panhead screws, drill one in line with the track every 6-8 inches - and leave the head to just clear the top of the drawer. The head of the screw will allow the door to close just as smoothly as before, but will inhibit the door from being taken out of the track.